Long Term Care Insurance

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Long Term Care Insurance

In the unfortunate event that you, family members, business partners or key personnel are unable to work for extended periods of time, long term care (LTC) insurance protects your savings and your business from being eroded by the skyrocketing costs of extended hospitalization, rehabilitation or nursing home care.  We have extensive expertise in this area and will help you determine the appropriate benefit levels for your situation.

Helping you protect and enjoy your retirement

As financial advisors, we help our clients better understand and achieve their financial and lifestyle goals while preserving assets for retirement and their family's future. We utilize broad diversification to provide portfolios with a level of protection from the fluctuations in value that effect virtually all asset classes at one time or another.

All our expertise, research, strategies and care are really all focused on delivering our most important product - your peace of mind.

However, even assets that are in well diversified portfolios with the most sophisticated management strategies may not be protected from what we might call "personal volatility."

As we (or our parents, or our business partners) age, we may find ourselves faced with an increasing array of health related issues that may ultimately require long-term care. The costs (financial, physical, emotional) of this level of care are quite high and, without adequate preparation, may make it necessary to spend retirement savings.  Depending on the level and duration of care required, your savings could be significantly reduced or even exhausted, dramatically impacting your retirement income and lifestyle and perhaps even leaving your family in a situation where they are forced to use their assets to provide care or to become full time caregivers themselves.`

Investmark has decades of experience with the intricacies of Long Term Care insurance and we're more committed than ever to making sure that all of our clients fully understand its importance. Long Term Care (LTC) insurance conserves the assets you've worked so hard to accumulate, protects your family and preserves your dignity. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that you, your family and your business are protected from the financial risks often associated with aging brings great value and security to you and those you love. It gives you the freedom to fully enjoy your retirement lifestyle instead of worrying "what if. . . ?"

We know that it can be very difficult to think about yourself or those you care about in this situation, but avoiding it could be disastrous.  You don’t need to become an expert (that's our job), but you do need to focus your attention on this crucial component of truly comprehensive financial planning. 

Together we can protect your progress over the years to come and bring real peace of mind to you and your family.  


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