SEI Trust

SEI has been a core component of our client portfolios for over 20 years.   They pioneered important investment research and remain at the forefront of the fee-based, "manager of managers" approach that allows our individual and small business clients to access the same level of expertise as major institutional investors.  

SEI's scientific, disciplined and consistent approach helps us stay centered on meeting your goals while managing risk. SEI fits perfectly with our philosophy, which goes beyond garnering favorable one, three- or five-year “headline” rankings and helps you stay on target for your long term goals. SEI's active manager selection and monitoring of portfolios is an important tool as we seek to deliver attractive, consistent investment performance for the long term.

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Seeking Goals

This brief video gives a good sense of our approach to working with our clients and to helping pursue financial goals.

Destination - Reaching Goals

This is a brief video overview explaining the history and benefits of using SEI Trust as a core component of our portfolio management.