Trustee Services

A Higher Standard Requires A Better Strategy for Trustees

If you are a Trustee, or if you advise trustees, you are very likely aware that there have been an increasing number of lawsuits filed for inadequate monitoring or insufficient analysis of Trust Portfolios.

As a trustee, there are two basic questions you need to ask regarding your exposure to these risks:

  • On a demonstrable basis, have you selected suitable high quality investment management services for your trust?
  • Do you meet the current fiduciary standards that apply to Trustees, or are you potentially exposing yourself to legal action?

Investmark Advisory Group can help you make sure you can answer ‘yes’ to those questions.  Our comprehensive program can get you on track to meeting and maintaining the latest fiduciary and investment management requirements.  We will provide your trust with:

  • Custom portfolio designs based on risk tolerance, cashflow requirements, trust goals, and estimated duration of the trust.
  • Low cost, highly diversified portfolios using proven best practices from academia supported by Nobel laureate research.
  • Institutional level fund management.  Investmark is one of a select few financial advisory firms that have successfully completed the rigorous screening and training process that allows us to work directly with Dimensional Fund Advisors, an industry-leading institutional money manager.
  • Regular reviews with Trustees to examine costs, performance, and alternatives.   We meet annually at a minimum and more often if desired.  These reviews are useful for keeping up to date and also serve to document that you are meeting your fiduciary duty.
  • Expert quarterly model review. Investmark’s Investment Management Committee meets quarterly on their portfolio/model analysis.  These meeting reports are available for the trustee’s files, and further demonstrate the trustee’s commitment to meeting their fiduciary obligations.
  • Sophisticated insurance reviews to determine if current policies are adequate, competitive, performing as expected, and still needed.
  • Comprehensive financial planning services are available on a wide variety of topics.
  • Competitive pricing.  Actual pricing is based services required and the amount invested.   (Minimum investment: $500,000)

It is extremely important to make sure you’re meeting the current fiduciary and investment management standards…before anyone tries to claim the contrary. 

For a no obligation consultation, just give us a call at (800) 443-1006.   

Trust Investment and Compliance Simplified

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