Our Process

Our Process

We see you, your life, and the way you should invest from a unique perspective. Where you want to go in life—and managing the risks that can hamper your progress—is what really matters. Following the steps below, our process integrates your financial resources with your vision of personal fulfillment, security, and integrity:




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1. Getting to Know You (Discovery)

This is the starting point. You'll speak with one of our advisors, discuss your situation, and determine whether you'd like to set up an initial fact-finding meeting. We'll discuss your financial situation and your feelings regarding your finances, personal goals, and objectives. We'll listen carefully and guide you through the steps to:

  • Clarify your life goals
  • Challenge investment assumptions
  • Organize your goals by timeframe and priority
  • Understand how specific goals fit into the greater picture of your life

Before we move forward, we'll prepare an engagement letter outlining your situation as we understand it, your stated goals, and any questions or concerns we may have based on the information provided. 

2. Setting Your Personal Course (Evaluate Options/Strategy)

Here we formulate recommendations to support your goals:

  • Demonstrate the impact of particular choices
  • Choose the options that best suit you and your lifestyle
  • Integrate the four key areas of financial planning

3. Bringing Your Vision to Life (Implementation)

A highly disciplined environment ensures that we accomplish exactly what is agreed to in the most efficient manner possible. Our Client Services team is second to none and will handle every detail of processing and implementing the agreed upon strategy:

  • Investments purchased
  • "Stem-to-Stern" processing: We handle and guide you through 100% of the process and ensure that all items are in place.
  • Detailed statements and reporting: We provide online access and paperless statement options, too.

4. The Journey Continues (Ongoing Monitoring, Reporting, and Review)

Change is a part of life. We frequently touch base to review goals and make adjustments where needed:

  • Continual monitoring of your plan
  • Helping to anticipate life's inevitable changes and planning accordingly
  • Providing options for adjusting your plan, ensuring that it always supports your goals