secure messaging


Secure Messaging Using Investor 360

Investor360° Messaging is a great way to securely send messages and documents to your advisor and our team when you're logged in to Investor360.  

You can also use Investor 360 Messaging as a way of storing copies of your important documents:  
Just send an Investor 360 message with your document file attached (tax return, wills, etc.) and you'll automatically have copies in a safe, organized location that you can access whenever you need them.
At your request, we can also load them into the shared documents folder in Investor 360 - just let us know your preference in the message.

You can also use Investor360 Messaging to send larger documents to us when they are too large to send via regular email.

To find out more about this service, just click here for a 2-minute video.

If you're ready to sign up, just click to email and we'll get your Investor360 account set up to access to these additional features.