Managing Your Wealth In Line With Your Life

Managing Your Wealth In Line With Your Life

At Investmark, we see you, your life, and the way you should invest from a unique perspective. Where you want to go in life—and managing the risks that can hamper your progress—is what really matters. Our advisors will help you clarify and prioritize your goals and then develop wealth management strategies that coordinate all the financial aspects of your life to help you pursue those goals in a disciplined, efficient manner.

What is Wealth Management?

Although we do offer a very wide range of specific services (e.g., investments, retirement planning, portfolio design, tax management, etc.), we believe strongly that your best results will come from employing them as part of a broader, holistic strategy that can create additional opportunities and leverage greater efficiencies. In a nutshell, this is what we mean by "wealth management"—working together to develop and maintain a plan based on your overall goals that incorporates all the elements affecting your financial future.

Learn more about our process and how we integrate your financial resources with your vision of personal fulfillment, security, and integrity.

The Wealth Management Blueprint

Our newest version of the Wealth Management Blueprint is the centerpiece of our planning process.  It’s now fully integrated with our online client information systems and helps us clearly explain and keep you up to date on the status of all of the areas we address for your overall wealth management process.  The blueprint will also soon be available on line via our Investor 360 online client information portal and you’ll be able to check the status of any of these items in real time, at your convenience.   We are very excited about the evolution of this process and are confident that you will see a significant benefit from these improvements as they become available.

WM Blueprint 2017


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